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Industrial and Commercial Scales in Melbourne

Active Scales

At Active Scales, we manufacture a wide range of commercial and industrial scales to cater to all types of businesses. Whether you need equipment for lightweight to heavy industrial use, you can trust us to have the right products for you.

At Active Scale we believe in working closely with our clients to understand all their scale related requirements. We make made-to-order products to suit each customer's needs perfectly. With our long experience and high-tech equipment, we are able to offer you top-quality products and reliable services.

Model Capacity
Valor 4000 6kg x 0.002kg - Trade Approved
FS-15Ki 15kg x 0.001kg - Non Trade
FS-30Ki 30kg x 0.01kg - Trade Approved

Options :

Applications :

Perfect for use in the meat industry, fishing industry, raw product packaging, processed vegetables, the chemical industry and filling business.

  • Ultra-fast weighing – stability in 0.5 seconds
  • IP65 dust-proof and waterproof
  • Comparator function – pack to pre-set targets
  • Large indicator lights – displays a HI LO or GO result against your targets
  • Analog Sweep Display (ASD)- ideal for target filling with a fast-flowing product
  • Back-light function- perfect for poorly lit work areas
  • Three weighing resolutions (1/3000 trade approved, 1/6000/7500, 1/12,000/15,000)
  • Rechargeable battery supplied as standard – up to 80 hours from one charge
  • Auto power off function – preserves battery life by switching off if inactive
  • Memory function – 100 target weight memory positions
  • UFC function – flexible set-up of print output
  • Simple calibration
  • Choice of power supplies – both AC or battery power available

Portable with adjustable components, these industrial scales ensure efficient and long-lasting service.

Container Weigher Features :
Active Scales
  • Container Weigher For 20 Foot 30,000kg
AD3000 Model Features :
Active Scales
  • Trade approved (3000 Divs) Certificate 6/9C/280.
  • Painted finish
  • Highly portable
  • Suitable for above ground mounting only
  • Not suitable for pit mounting
  • Interfaces with all digital indicators
  • Adjustable levelling legs (adjust from above)
  • Capacity : 300kg

PDF Brochure : Defender 3000 Extreme, Defender 3000 (PDF - 90kb)

Features :
  • Capacities up to 10 tonnes
  • Use with any digital indicator
  • Rugged and reliable operation
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Standard sizes 1,200mm x 1,200mm (galvanised), and 1500mm x 1500mm (painted)
  • Standard finish galvanised sub frame and top plate
  • Non-standard sizes and finishes available
  • Pit or above ground mounting
  • Drive on ramps available
  • Trade Approved N.S.C. Certificate 6/9C/280.
Capacities :
Active Scales
Model Capacity
Tru-3000 3 tonnes (1200x1200)
Tru-3000NS Up to 10 tonnes
Options :
Active Scales
Part Number Description
Tru - R Drive on ramp standard
  • Ultra Fast Weighing – Stability in 0.5 seconds
  • IP65 Dust-proof & Waterproof
  • Comparator Function- Pack to preset targets
  • Large Indicator Lights- Displays a HI LO or GO result against your targets
  • Analog Sweep Display (ASD)- Ideal for target filling with a fast flowing product
  • Backlight Function- Perfect for poorly lit work areas
  • Three Weighing Resolutions (1/3000 trade approved, 1/6000/7500, 1/12000/15,000)
  • Rechargeable Battery Supplied as standard – Up to 80 hours from one charge
  • Auto Power Off Function- Preserves Battery life by switching off if inactive
  • Memory Function- 100 Target Weight memory positions
  • UFC Function- Flexible Set-up of print output
  • Simple Calibration
  • Choice of Power Supplies- Both Ac or battery power available
Options :
Applications :

Meat industry, fishing industry, raw product packaging, processed vegetables, chemical industry, filling business.