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How Different Industries Can Benefit From Floor and Pallet Scales

How Different Industries Can Benefit From Floor and Pallet Scales

Different industries use different weighing scales. When companies want to weigh goods in pounds of kilograms, industrial scales like floor scales are a perfect choice. By floor scales, we mean any commercial weighing scale that operates on a floor level, i.e., pallet scales Melbourne, or platform scales.

In this blog, we'll explain to you what a floor scale is, the benefits of using a floor scale, and industries that can benefit from the use of commercial weighing scales.

What Is A Floor Scale?

Floor scales are generally platform scales that allow companies to weigh heavy and oversized goods. These are typically used when the small weighing scales are not suitable for the size of goods a company deals with. Especially when a company deals with materials or goods worth dollars for each item, floor scales provide accurate and reliable results that can help the business keep track of inventory and every cent associated with their goods.

Benefits of Using A Floor Scale

There are many advantages of using a floor or pallet scale Melbourne; here are a few of them listed below to give you an idea of why investing in them might be a good choice for your business/industry.
  • Floor scales can handle heavier weights than other commercial weighing scales. This can help companies dealing with heavier objects keep an accurate record of their material.
  • Floor scales are easy to stack and store between uses. Despite their size, floor scales can be stored easily in places with limited space.
  • They are versatile and can be used for several purposes. If you want to weigh heavier objects like manufacturing parts or containers, floor scales or pallet scales can be paired with cages or supports for easy readings.
  • In terms of durability, floor scales and pallet scales are built to last longer despite any heavy-duty usage keeping industrial use in mind.

Industries That Can Benefit From Floor & Pallet Scales

Several industries can benefit from using floor scales & pallet scales Melbourne.

1. Industrial Manufacture & Shipping

Floor scales are an ideal choice for industrial manufacturing and shipping industries. These deal with heavy-size equipment, goods, crates, containers, and more on a day-to-day basis, and having a commercial weighing scale would be a must for them.

Maintaining accurate inventory is key to proper planning for warehouses for industrial manufacturing industries. On the other hand, shipping businesses regularly send out goods and containers as a primary activity for their business, where each pound of weight affects the money they spend or earn. Floor scales would act as a helpful industrial scale for these industries.

2. Commercial Retail

Commercial retail businesses deal with a thousand different items in thousands of quantities daily, each of them with standardized weights. Especially when certain items are bought and sold in high volumes, maintaining an accurate inventory record is imperative for these commercial retailers to operate efficiently. Such businesses should also focus on investing in pallet scales for their setup.

3. Medical Facilities

Medical facilities use floor scales a lot. Not only can they maintain a record of their medical equipment through these, but sometimes when patients are bedridden and cannot get on a standard weighing scale, floor scales can be used to measure their weight. Since floor scales are easy to move from one place to another and easy to stack, they can prove very helpful to hospitals and medical facilities.

4. Livestock and Veterinary Practices

Weighing animals on a standard weighing scale is impossible. Since animals can weigh hundreds of pounds, and a lot of their health depends upon their weight, an easy method to measure them is essential. Most livestock farming professionals and vets install floor scales at their facilities. Not only do they help them find out the accurate weight of an animal, regardless or depending on the size of the animal, but it is also easy to place them on such a scale to make them comfortable on such scales, so they remain stable for weight measurement. Doctors often also decide the dosage of medicines and supplements for animals based on their weight, which means reliable results are essential for the medical next steps too.

5. Food Industry

Have you ever wondered how restaurants weigh their raw materials and food that they make for customers or parcels or packages?

Yes, they use floor scales too. Floor scales help the food businesses weigh their ingredients accurately for consistent recipes and also their output packages to ensure consistent quantities. Having food packages with the exact same weight is important in such industries, and floor scales can make your life easier.

6. Flight & Travel

Similar to shipping businesses, flight and travel businesses also deal with heavy packages every day. When getting on a flight, having floor scales can help airports identify the actual weight of the luggage to find out if the traveler needs to be charged extra, and the same goes for other modes of transport. Knowing the exact weight of the baggage you're carrying can help the pilot and other concerned parties know what they are carrying with them.

7. Waste Management & Recycling

While most garbage collection firms charge clients for trash containers based on their capacity, the collected stuff must still be weighed and tracked. Since some businesses charge per weight for garbage collection, knowing the accurate weight would be crucial. When it comes to correctly billing consumers and ensuring that you have the necessary capacities as a business owner to handle the bulk of goods, precise weight measurement is critical.


For some industries, like those stated above, suitable industrial scales are essential for the nature of their business. Faulty equipment can cause them heavy losses, unsafe conditions, and compliance issues to meet quality standards. Floor scales and pallet scales would be a perfect fit for such industries, and Active Scales is here to help you. Get in touch if you need help picking the right floor scale for your company, and be rest assured we'll understand your needs to suggest you the best floor scale to set you up for success. Visit our website and contact us now!

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