24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service

24/7 Emergency Breakdown Service

Horse Scale 2000mm x 1000mm 2000kg

Horse Weigher Scales


  • Solid Four-Loadcell Design, Digital Scale Capacity up to 2000kg
  • Ramps to Access the Platform from Both Directions
  • Synthetic Grass Surface
  • One or Two Rails to Guide Animals During Use


  • Finishes
  • Sizes
  • Rails
  • Cage Construction (Upon Request)
  • Surface materials

Horse weighing machines are an inseparable part of various horse breeding programs or livestock management facilities. Horse scales are designed and manufactured specifically to withstand heavyweight of large animals. The accurately measured weight helps in assessing a horse's health condition. It assists in deciding their feed and addressing any health issue present in the animal and deciding the accurate time to sell horses. With actionable data at your disposal, you can maximize the facilities' profitability.
Active scales provide a horse weight scale that ensures animals' safety and is easy to use.
Features of these scales include:

  • Sturdy Design, Digital Scale Capacity up to 2000kg
  • Ramps from both directions to access the Platform
  • Synthetic non-slippery grass Surface
  • Guiding rails
  • No electricity supply or wires attached that will obstruct mobility
  • Consistent and accurate weight measurement

Using these weighing scales will help you eliminate all the guesswork and ultimately assisting you in better management of your most valuable horses. Feel free to contact Active scales for free quotes and choose from a range of our horse scales for sale.


top view

Top View

Front view

Front View

skeletal frame

Skeletal Frame