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Best Shipping and Postal Scales (2022)

Best Shipping and Postal Scales (2022)

Shipping and Postal scales have become a necessity for most e-commerce store owners, or for that matter, any businesses that find themselves sending out mailing packages on a regular basis. To avoid paying extra at the postage offices, these scales can be an essential tool for you to save both money and time. Not only do they help save paying extra money for the packages, but their impact on reducing your overall costs for the business can be significant. Unlike any other gadgets you may shop for your business, shopping for shipping scales and postal scales might not be the most exciting thing to do.

Here are the top four benefits of owning the correct postal or shipping scale at your office:

  1. Owning a shipping or postal scale can save you time. Getting each package weighed can be challenging when sending out multiple packages a day. You can weigh all your packages at your office when you own a shipping scale before sending them out through a postal service.
  2. Shipping and Postal scales can save you the overinflated package shipping costs. When you haven't weighed your packages properly, you might end up spending a lot of money on extra shipping charges. Owning a scale yourself saves you this extra money spent.
  3. Provide accurate reading every time. An excellent high-quality scale can provide you with precise reading each time without worrying about wrong numbers.
  4. Multiple options are available with longer durability. Shipping and postal scales come in different varieties. A high-quality scale can last for long periods of time. Hence, this one-time investment can save you money and time.
We've covered the best shipping and postal scales you should consider buying in 2022 for your business to make your life and decisions a little easier.

Shipping and postal scales can often be divided into three categories:
  1. Light-duty Range Scales
  2. Medium-duty Range Scales, and
  3. Heavy-duty Range Scales
Let's get started!

1. Light-duty Range Scales

If you're considering purchasing a light-duty shipping or postal scale, you could consider buying the IP67 Compact Bench Scale: SJ-WP Series. The SJ-WP series is remarkably different from many other bench scales you might have come across. The key features of this scale are:
  • A large LCD with White Backlight makes reading the values easy to read, with excellent visibility even in a dim light area.
  • Bright and multi-colored 5-step LED comparator lights that allow comparison on three, five, or even seven levels.
  • The SJ-WP series also offers unparalleled 5000-hours continuous operation with standard batteries. Considering a usage of 8 hours a day and five days a week, the batteries can last for 2.5 years, much better than several other scales in this range.
  • The design features of the SJ-WP series - externally mounted load cell, stainless steel weighing pan, transparent panels, quickly removable pan support, integrated overload protection mechanism, and waterproof and dustproof, making it the ultimate bench scale Melbourne to opt for hygiene control.
It is possible to maintain excellent hygiene standards with the IP67 Compact SJ-WP Series bench scale Melbourne. Check it out on our website now!

2. Medium-duty Range Scales

If you weigh heavier parcels each day, the Ohaus Defender 2000 and Ohaus Defender 3000 Extreme Washdown Bench Scales are a perfect choice.

Defender 2000 Bench Scale:

The Ohaus Defender 2000 Series of bench scales offers Ohaus' signature accuracy for commercial and industrial weighing applications at an unbeatable price. Designed for dependability and durability at an economical price, here are other features of this bench scale to be aware of:
  • The polished stainless steel platform with a painted carbon steel frame and aluminum alloy makes the bench scale very sturdy and durable.
  • An AC adapter and internal rechargeable lead acid battery provide versatile power capabilities.
  • Defender 2000's red LED indicator clearly displays results that can be seen in locations with less than optimal lighting.

Defender 3000 Extreme Washdown Bench Scale:

The Ohaus Defender 3000 bench scale is a highly affordable model with top-notch quality. The key features of this scale are:
  • They are built for both wet and damp environments up to 300kg.
  • It is available in two varieties - an ABS plastic housing indicator with a painted steel scale frame or an IP66 stainless steel indicator with stainless steel scale frame.
  • This model allows you to choose between measurement units like lb, oz, lb: oz, kg, and g, depending on your style.
  • Defender 3000 has built-in RS232 for printing and data connection with a display resolution of 1:6,000-7,500d.

3. Heavy-duty Range Scales

Heavy-duty scales are used for heavy packages. The light-duty and medium-duty scales often fail to provide accurate readings for oversized parcels. Hence, if you send out heavy packages on a daily basis, a heavy-duty platform scale like IH1949 Blue Base Platform Scale is the best choice.

The IH1949 Blue Base Platform Scale is an NMI-approved platform scale for industrial weighing requirements. Active Scales also provides customized scales for clients to suit their needs. Here are the features of the IG1949 Platform Scale:
  • It comes with a 240v IEC adaptor & rechargeable internal battery for better operation hours.
  • Its powder coat finishing and a cable with a protective covering help maintain the durability of the platform scale.
  • The IH1949 Platform scale has a JAC101 indicator and 4 x 1.5t Load cells for better performance.
The IH1949 model comes either fully galvanized or even in stainless steel. It is a perfect fit for all your freight, shipping, or postal needs at an effective price. To learn more about this platform scale, you can visit our website now!

We do understand that the scales may require servicing too. At Active Scales, we take scale repair seriously, and our team will always be available to assist you even after the purchase.

You can now save the overinflated shipping costs and your precious time with our shipping and postal scales. Investing in this simple tool can be the best decision you may have been for your business. What are you waiting for? Visit Active Scales NOW. Our team will be happy to assist you in making the right choice.

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