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5 reasons to buy your weighing equipment from an authorized scale dealer

5 reasons to buy your weighing equipment from an authorized scale dealer

You have a number of options when it comes to where to buy new weighing equipment, whether it is an industrial scale or a commercial scale. A big-box store, an internet retailer, a third-party vendor, or the manufacturer themselves are all options for purchasing. But a fifth choice is available to you that many people are unaware of: an authorised dealer.

This post will explain what it means to be an authorised dealer and provide you with five reasons why purchasing a scale from one of these dealers is nearly always the best option.

How do you Define An Authorised Scale Dealer?

Before we discuss the benefits of purchasing your weighing equipment from a licenced retailer, let us clarify what a licenced scale dealer is.

A business that has been specifically approved by a manufacturer to sell and support its products is known as an authorised dealer. A company must fulfil specific requirements established by the manufacturer in order to be authorised. This often entails finishing product training, passing performance assessments, and making a large inventory investment.

It is crucial to realise that only the state weights and measures organisations have the authority to give a scale certification. As long as the scale company is state-licensed and registered in good standing, it is permitted to recalibrate and restore an erroneous scale that has been "tagged-out" by the state but cannot certify a scale. (Tagged-out means the scale has been given a lockout tag by the state and is no longer used for commercial trade since it failed a weights and measures accuracy test.) Therefore, be sure the business you are employing for commercial scales can produce a legal licence.

What to Look For When Choosing an Authorised Scale Dealer?

Let us look at five reasons why you ought to think about purchasing your weighing equipment from an authorised scale dealer now that you are aware of what one is.

1. Obtaining the newest products

You can get the newest line of goods, accessories, and promotional things from particular manufacturers when you purchase from an authorised dealer. If something breaks or needs to be replaced for any reason, it will also be simpler to locate new scale parts.

2. Special Savings

Authorised dealers have access to exclusive discounts and other special offerings that are not available elsewhere. This can enable you to make significant financial savings on your purchase, particularly if you intend to acquire large quantities of weighing equipment.

3. Present-Day Product Data

The most recent product information and technical resources are only accessible to authorised dealers. They can respond to any inquiries you may have and give you the information you require to choose the product that is best for you.

4. Specialized Assistance

You will have access to more experienced and qualified staff who genuinely understand how to use and troubleshoot the things they sell when you purchase from an authorised dealer. If you experience any problems with your weighing equipment, such as initial setup and calibration challenges, overloaded components, and erroneous readings, this can be very beneficial.

5. Improved Warranty Claim Procedure

If something does go wrong with your purchase, buying from an authorised dealer will give you access to a faster warranty claim procedure. Authorised dealers frequently offer free repairs or replacements for damaged products.

Are You Searching for Weighing Scales?

Due to the many advantages they offer, purchasing your weighing equipment from an authorised dealer is nearly always the best choice. When looking for your next scale, keep these factors in mind so that you can choose the one that will meet your needs the best.

If you're looking for a new authorised scale dealer and Scale repair company, we invite you to consider Active Scales. We manufacture different types of electronic weighing scales to suit a number of requirements. From scales suitable for measuring 1 mg to something that can weigh 50 tonnes, we make them all. At   Active Scales, we are able to offer other equipment like horse weighing machines, equine scales, etc.

We have developed strong ties with our suppliers and are able to reward you as a result. Shop today from our enormous range of scales and scale accessories. Since we have an authorisation, you can rely on us for all your scale repairs in Melbourne. Even if you decide against using our services, we advise you to always purchase from a licenced dealer.

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